Build effective team working in culturally diverse groups with this training DVD -

'A World of Difference'

Leader's hands on the ship's wheel

A World of Difference - working successfully with cultural diversity

The International Profiler Report Cover

A Training DVD or online video with a Resource Pack for International Team Leaders

Leading an international team has many pitfalls!  The storyline of this DVD follows Gavin in his new role as the leader of a cross cultural team for the global launch of a new software package. The challenges of international team leadership and team working are explored through both face-to-face and remote communication with his team members. You can learn from Gavin's mistakes as he seeks to build his multinational team and manage the cultural diversity within it.

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  • a 35 minute English language DVD drama - also available as an online video

  • detailed training programmes for two days or half a day are included in the supporting material

  • exercises, slides, handouts etc. all of which can be reproduced

  • ideal for use in combination with The International Profiler

  • two versions available with subtitles in English and Italian, or in Chinese, Japanese, German and Spanish

The DVD clearly illustrates how business counterparts from other cultures can have differing approaches and attitudes to basic business variables, including time, planning, communication style, team leadership, trust and relationship building. The training programme and DVD ensure a sound basis for experienced and inexperienced international professionals to understand the challenges and complexities of working in a world of difference.

  1. To make arrangements to see a full preview of this DVD contact the WorldWork office

  2. The DVD can be bought from the shop or ordered through the WorldWork office

  3. A streamed version is available under an annual licence agreement