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Products and resources to help you and your business to work successfully across international boundaries.

Our mission is to build the capability of individuals, teams and organisations to create and enjoy constructive relationships with partners from other countries. We do this by designing and distributing development aids to help people operate more effectively in unfamiliar cultural settings.

Enhance the skills needed

to work in a multicultural

context by using our online

learning products for

self-study or as part of a

blended learning workshop.

Managing Multicultural Teams -

an online development programme

Ling He Simulation

These film-based learning

packs provide an

important resource for

leaders operating in

different cultural contexts.

A Case for Global Leadership -

the Kai Bendix story

A World of Difference -

working successfully with cultural diversity

Our psychometric

questionnaires, based

on a set of international

competences, provide an

invaluable starting point

for reflection and personal development.

The International Profiler

International Preferences Indicator

International Team Trust Indicator