Leader's hands on the ship's wheel

In an unfamiliar cultural context, how would you deal with the three challenges faced by this global leader?

A Case for Global Leadership - the Kai Bendix Story

The International Profiler Report Cover

A New DVD for Developing Global Leaders

Setting the right direction as a leader and then motivating and aligning people along the way is a tough challenge for any leader. Achieving this in unfamiliar cultural contexts within a global operating environment creates an extra layer of complexity. Yet the ability to integrate global strategy with local perspectives is increasingly the responsibility of individual leaders undergoing international careers on behalf of their organisations.

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  • a 30 minute DVD documentary drama that tells a real story through the mouths of real people

  • Kai Bendix, Managing Director of Beiersdorf’s Nivea India-affiliate, faces three challenges to his leadership, six months after setting up the company in Mumbai

  • filmed on location in India and Bulgaria

  • an important new development resource for leaders operating in a complex global environment

  • a platform for debate, role-play and discussion in the style of the classic business case - with the additional satisfaction of learning what really happened

The learning materials suggest a way of integrating the film into a half-day session on global leadership. The film is divided into modules that enable the learner to first understand the complexity of the leadership choices Kai faces, before learning what actions he took and the consequences of those actions.

  1. To see a full preview of this DVD contact the WorldWork office

  2. A streamed version is available under an annual licence agreement

  3. The DVD and associated learning materials cost £690 and can be bought from the shop or ordered through the WorldWork office.