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Build trust and team effectiveness using the International Team Trust Indicator

International Team Trust Indicator

The International Team Trust Report Cover
The International Team Trust Report Cover

Build Trust for Competitive Advantage

In the turbulent modern world trust can easily break down in any team or workgroup.  This is especially true for people in ‘virtual teams’, who work across cultural boundaries and who are separated by distance and time zones; and when levels of trust fall, productivity collapses and costs rise. 

Research shows that in high performing teams levels of trust are higher, leading to better communication, increased creativity and innovation, improved organizational commitment and a greater readiness to accept change.

Now you can measure and manage trust in your team in order to promote appropriate trust building systems, behaviours and activities. The International Team Trust Indicator (ITTI) is a tool for building trust generally, but particularly in international and virtual teams.

Key Features

  • A web based questionnaire for all team members that assesses trust levels and trust deficits within the team and/or in the team leader

  • Based on 9 culturally sensitive trust criteria that people use in deciding whether to trust others - all derived from extensive research into 'trust'

  • Trust building activities for facilitators and/or team leaders

  • Levels of trust and trust deficits can be benchmarked against other teams

  • Open questions to identify specific trust issues for the team

  • A team report that can act as a basis for facilitated discussion about how to build trust

  • Individual responses to the questionnaire remain anonymous and confidential

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