Use the International Preferences Indicator to raise self awareness about effective approaches to working internationally

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The International Preferences Indicator (IPI)

The International Preferences Indicator (IPI) helps people identify ways in which they can become more effective when working internationally. Using the feedback from a self-report questionnaire, individuals can identify areas for development – in other words areas where they can adopt strategies and behaviours that will be more effective for their particular international role and context. It is designed for use in workshops or training sessions where feedback can be provided to a whole group at once and where participants can benefit from peer support sessions.

In addition to the 10 dimensions measured by the IPI, two contrasting approaches to working in an unfamiliar cultural setting are highlighted. These are 1) a 'Push' style which represents a strong, assertive style with a focus on taking some risks to deliver on commitments and 2) a 'Pull' style which is a flexible style with a focus on adaptating to different cultural ways of behaving. These two styles need to work together in harmony - as illustrated in the animation in the sidebar.

Key Features of the IPI

  • Online questionnaire with 30 questions - about 15 minutes to complete

  • Personal Feedback Book

  • Measures 10 qualities drawn from the International Competency framework

  • Evaluates 5 international styles

  • Dynamic presentation for trainers to use when providing feedback

  • A set of animated cartoons commissioned especially for the IPI

  • Fully scripted Session Plan for facilitators running the feedback workshops

  • Development Resources Manual with ideas for peer support and personal development

  • Activity Sheets to aid trainers when running feedback sessions

If you would like to become licensed to deliver the International Preferences Indicator please contact us at WorldWork for full details.